Make It Work was a three-year campaign with one major goal: make America ready for big, bold solutions that will help people across the country make it work.

During that time:

  • We helped bring the issues impacting working families to the forefront of the 2016 election;
  • We helped to introduce bold legislation, the Child Care for Working Families Act;
  • We shifted the conversation around work and family issues through our brave Ambassadors sharing their personal stories and through online content that was viewed more than 29 million times; and
  • We developed a new pipeline of leaders who exemplify our belief that no one is a single-issue voter.

The Fight Continues

The national Make It Work campaign has concluded, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. We need we to stay engaged and keep making our voices heard.

Make It Work in Nevada

This political moment demands a new model for building community in a way that puts people’s lived realities at the center of politics. In Nevada, we are developing new leaders who are deeply engaged in their own communities and creating change from the ground up. Join us!

Organizing With A Gender Frame

Are you passionate about social justice issues in your community? Then it’s time to up your game by bringing a gender analysis to your work! It might sound wonky, but using a gender lens will help you win, and who doesn't like #winning? Check out our helpful and fun (yes, really) toolkit: Organizing With A Gender Frame.