Equal Pay

On average, employers still pay women 79 cents to every white man’s dollar. For women of color, that number is even worse: 60 cents for Black women, and 55 cents for Latinas. At this rate, women in the United States won’t see equal pay until 2058.

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Work and Family

It’s 2015. Almost everyone is working inside and outside the home, but our rules about work and family are stuck in the past. When you’re sick, have a baby on the way, or are facing a family emergency, you shouldn’t have to count on an understanding boss or accommodating co-workers to make it work.

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Quality, affordable care for children or elders shouldn’t require a second job or a second mortgage. That’s why Make It Work is proposing bold new solutions that are flexible and affordable, value caregiving and emphasize investment in high quality jobs. Our ideas would improve care for every family in the U.S. and would reach more than 26 million kids.

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Pledge Today

If you believe that in America we should all be able to make it work, join our community. Urge public officials and leaders to support solutions to these issues that help all of us “make it work”. That means paid leave and sick days, high quality and affordable care for children and other loved ones, and equal pay for men and women. Read More