People who work hard deserve more than a decent living—we deserve a decent life.  That means access to child care that keeps our kids safe and happy but doesn’t keep us from making rent — and the same goes for long-term care for loved ones.


More than 60% of moms and 90% of dads have a job — besides catering to their kid’s demands. That’s why we need child care that works without breaking the bank — a place for your kid to play and learn while you earn.

  • Two-thirds of women struggle to juggle work and family demands, and 58% say it’s partially due to the lack of affordable child care.
  • For most parents, child care is the check they’re worried will bounce. In nearly half the country, child care costs more than the average rent payment (!!!)

That’s why Make It Work supports quality, affordable preschool and child care options for every working family. (Immediately, if not sooner.)



More than 12 million Americans need someone looking out for their medical or personal needs. Quality, affordable long-term care for loved ones is crucial, and caregivers deserve the dignity and respect (and let’s not forget pay!) their work merits.

We need it now, too:

  • One of us turns 65 every eight seconds. The total number of Americans who need long-term care will more than double by 2050.
  • More than 60% of Americans who need long-term care rely on family and friends, mostly women, to act as hands-on care givers – without pay or time.
  • Even so, we pay the professionals caring for our elders next to nothing, for jobs that are stressful, draining and literally life-saving.

We all want to see our elders age with dignity — cared for by people who know and love what they do. That’s why we need quality, affordable long-term care options and support for caregivers.

Despite the fact that it costs more than my undergraduate degree, my son goes to an outstanding daycare. He has been there since he was just a few weeks old and they love him. But I'm frustrated that because of cost, we will either have only one child or send our kids to a lesser facility. Jackie, Pennsylvania