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We’re running the Make It Work Agenda for everyday people; to make America ready for ambitious ideas and big solutions that help people across the country make it work.

Those solutions include overhauling our current policies to catch up with 21st century realities of work and family. We believe:

  • Men and women should be paid equal pay for equal work;
  • Affording child care shouldn’t require a second job or a
    second mortgage – this means child care costs must be no
    more than 10 percent of pay;
  • Every working person should get at least seven paid days a
    year to recover from illness or injury or care for a sick family
  • Men and women should be able to be with our loved ones
    when we’re needed and not sacrifice a paycheck to do it;
  • And every person should get paid a decent wage that allows
    them to determine their future.
    This means that we are pushing for policy solutions including paid family leave, paid sick days, flexible and predictable scheduling, an increased minimum wage, affordable quality child care, and equal pay.


icon-candidateWe’ll demonstrate that the only way candidates can win is by supporting working people and families. From town hall events with voters to creative social media campaigns, to door-to-door canvassing, we’ll make our issues unavoidable. Presidential candidates and candidates in key battleground states will be forced to answer how they plan to help people make it work – over and over and over again.


icon-narrativeWe’ll ensure that the challenges facing working families – especially those that impact women – and the ambitious solutions we need to address them are a central part of the 2016 election narrative. Through media, on the ground actions, engaging online outreach, and pop culture-focused campaigns, Make It Work will elevate the voices of real people dealing with these very real challenges. We’ll weave those together into a new narrative about what voters (that’s You) want, then make that narrative so loud it’s impossible to ignore.


icon-ballotPeople engage when politics get personal. By moving pocketbook issues from the home and into the spotlight, we’ll make the 2016 election about what voters really need: solutions that help them make it work. We’ll reach voters wherever they are – from the TVs in their living rooms to the photos on their Instagram feeds to the local townhall – to discuss these critical issues, to offer up new solutions, and to inspire people to act (and vote).


icon-candidateBecause Make It Work is a time-limited campaign, our goal is to make efforts to advance solutions for working families more powerful – both now and in the future. From a national convention to in-state efforts, we will partner with organizations to train the generals who will lead the armies of voters to demand common sense workplace policies, in 2016 and beyond. We’re focusing on women and people of color – the people who are most impacted by these issues.