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To take this from pipedream, to reality MIWA focuses on:


icon-candidateThe only way candidates can win is by supporting working people and families. From town hall events, to creative social media campaigns, to door-to-door canvassing, our issues will be unavoidable in 2016. Presidential candidates and candidates in key battleground states will be forced to answer how they plan to help people make it work – over and over and over again.


icon-ballotPeople engage when politics get personal. By moving pocketbook issues from the home and into the spotlight, MIWA will make the 2016 election about what voters really need: solutions that help them make it work. Reaching people wherever they are – from the TVs in their living rooms to the photos on their Instagram feeds to their local town hall – both arms of the campaign will discuss these critical issues, to offer up new solutions, and to inspire people to act.