Without fail, jobs and the economy are one of the most important issues facing the Real Voters of America. Real families don’t want a handout. They want to earn a living that allows them to make it work for their families. So how would real voters fare in Donald’s economy?

Well…we kinda already know the answer. Are you one of the real people below?

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I’m pregnant!

You’re fired!

Itzel Hudek worked for Trump National Doral Miami hotel. Hudek had been an exemplary employee during her tenure with the hotel. When she learned she was pregnant, she notified her supervisor that she would need time off for doctor appointments and tests, due to a history of asthma, migraines, and cardiovascular disease. In short order, Hudek was asked to train the person who’d become her replacement. Soon after, she was fired.


I’m in a union!

You might get fired, too!

Remember all that really awesome news about how women in unions are much more likely to get equal pay? Well, there’s a pretty small chance of joining a union if you work at a Trump property.  In August 2015, the hotel was cited by the National Labor Relations Board for intimidating workers who sought to unionize, and for firing a union-supporting employee. In December 2015, employees at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas voted to unionize, citing $3/hr less in wages than other hotel workers on the Strip. But now,  nearly a year later, the hotel’s executive leadership has managed to avoid contract negotiations.


I’m a person of color!

You might not get hired to begin with!

In addition to settling a major housing discrimination suit (and trying to back out of an agreement to correct that bias), Trump has also faced accusations of racial bias in hiring practices on more than one occasion. In 1996, Trump promised that he’d hire local for a new riverboat casino in Gary, Indiana–a predominantly Black city–and committed to hiring a certain number of people from underrepresented populations. Gary’s mayor charged that Trump didn’t follow through on that promise, and that those people of color who were hired were given lower-paying service jobs such as janitors or valets. Meanwhile, back on the east coast, a number of Black employees at the Trump Taj Mahal cited a pattern of racial discrimination at the casino. Andre Williams, an African American man, said he was retaliated against when he addressed being passed over for promotions. Williams filed suit against the casino. Trump settled the case in 1997.


I’m a small business owner!

Don’t expect to get paid! (Possibly ever.)

We really wish this were a joke. Unfortunately it’s not. According to USA Today, of the more than 3500 lawsuits involving Donald Trump, there have been—at least—60 lawsuits and hundreds of liens that directly address Trump’s aversion to paying people for their time and labor. The Edward J. Friel Company was contracted for $400,000-worth of work at the Harrah’s at Trump Plaza. The work was completed in 1984. The final payment, however, has never been received. The company couldn’t withstand the hit according to Paul Friel, whose father oversaw the work. Forest Jenkins’s small business secured a $200,000 contract for work completed at the Taj Mahal. When the casino filed for bankruptcy two years after opening, he didn’t get paid. Jenkins fought through bankruptcy court only to recover 30% of what he’d been owed.


I’m a minimum wage worker!

Don’t you count on getting paid fairly either!

Since 2005, Donald Trump’s companies have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act 24 times for “failing to pay overtime or minimum wage.” And, Trump’s businesses have allegedly exploited undocumented laborers on multiple occasions. The 200 demolition workers who made room for Trump Tower in Manhattan reportedly worked 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, with no overtime. The new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., is currently under investigation by the Labor Department after two employees provided evidence that they are being paid less than the federal law requires.