Mother’s Day is Sunday, and we’ve got some advice for all the kids out there:

Skip the flowers. Forget the chocolate. Don’t spend your money taking Mom to brunch. Why? Because you should be saving up for your future children’s child care instead.

Before you laugh out loud and say how ridiculous that is, hear us out:

Child care costs more than college tuition in most states. Do you know how many years it takes for most families to save for college? Eighteen. If we saved for child care the way we save for college tuition, kids would have to start saving for their future kids’ child care right now.

How well would that work? See for yourself in our new web video:

(Warning: cuteness overload.)


You know what would make more sense than having kids start saving for child care now?

Making child care more affordable. While we’re at it, let’s make sure child care providers are paid a living wage. That would be a win/win.