Equal Pay Day is today. That’s right — on average, a woman would have to work until April 12, 2016 to make what a man made in 2015 alone.

Think that’s fair? Yeah, we don’t either. Think it can’t get worse? Listen to this: African American and Latina women make 60 and 54 cents on the dollar, respectively. It’s 2016, and we still haven’t fixed the problem.

How do we fix it? Here’s a novel idea. Are you ready? This is gonna blow your mind:



That’s right: Pay women what they’re worth!

How do we do that? Watch the video above to find out. (Hint: It’s not rocket science)

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I’m Working Toward Graduation And A Career. Not A Pay Gap.

Most children of color can sense they have to adapt to the world before the world adapts to them. My reality was no different.