It’s almost Thanksgiving, and like you, my family and I are getting ready to pull out all the stops! Turkey, family, and sweet potato pie are just three things I’m thankful for. And as we usually do around this time of year, we’re going to binge watch some of our favorite TV shows. Olivia Pope, Carlton Banks, Cookie Lyon and I are definitely going to spend some QT together this holiday weekend.

But as much as I love this holiday tradition, it’s not all warm fuzzies this year.

Just this week, five peaceful protesters were shot at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis.

While my heart breaks over atrocities such as these, the ongoing efforts of the #BlackLivesMatter movement remind me of the resiliency of Black families across this country. But our families, which are so critical to America’s economy and prosperity, are being left behind. Case in point: an African American woman makes $877,000 less than a white man over her lifetime. The unemployment rate is over 50 percent for young people of color. In short, there are too many African Americans who can’t get ahead.

Watch our new digital video that shows how much #BlackFamiliesMatter this holiday season:

Minneapolis, Chicago, #BlackLivesMatter. And with this week's holiday, let's talk about how #BlackFamiliesMatter, too.

Posted by Make It Work Action on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So this year, while my family and I remember and relive all the “Good Times” we’ve had with Black families on the screen for decades, I’m also going to be thinking about how real Black families can make it work.

This holiday season, let’s sit down with our loved ones and celebrate our collective power. Let’s take time to talk about how #BlackFamiliesMatter.


Alicia McMullen is Make It Work’s Communications Director. She makes it work by indulging in sci-fi flicks, comic books and Shondaland with her husband.